Buying Tips


Before you begin looking for the home of your dreams, it is important to consider the wants and desires of every one your home will be sheltering. Take into account today’s requirements and then project forward into the future.

Thinking about the following factors may help you to understand your needs and define your search.

Community – In the City? In the Mountains? On the Beach? What Utilities are needed and available? Police? Fire Protection? Hospital? Garbage Collection? Mail Delivery?

Transportation – Close to public transportation or school bus? What kind of commute are you comfortable with? Are your current cars adequate for your needs? Are you comfortable with mountain roads?

Neighborhood – Is the public and private property nearby maintained acceptably? What is the composition of nearby households? Do you want kids? teenagers? or adults only? When you walk up and down the street can you picture yourself there?

Schools – Where are the schools? How do the children get to school? What is the student/teacher ratio? Are you satisfied with the schools records? If your family has special needs, are the services available?

House – Are you interested in: A Cabin? New construction? Rancher? Fixer? Vacation? Rental? Think about the rooms you need for living and the space you need for storage. Think of the hobbies and sports that you are active in, will the house fit? Is your family Growing? Shrinking? Stable? Do you prefer a low maintenance yard or acreage on which to roam