Selling Tips

Your Property’s Value IS Determined By:

  • Today’s marketplace                                                                                                                              
  • The competing properties available to buyer
  • The available financing
  • The buyer’s perception of your home’s overall condition and appeal
  • The general economic condition in the area
  • What buyer’s have been willing to pay for like properties
  • Location

Your Property’s Value is NOT Determined By:

  • What you have invested into the home
  • What you need or want out of the property
  • A bank or tax appraisal
  • What you heard a neighbor’s home sold for
  • Insured Value
  • The cost of the next home you wish to purchase


Warning Signs a  Property is Not Priced or Conditioned Properly: 


WARNING SIGN #1:  If Realtors are not previewing your home, or if they preview and do not show it, it is being eliminated because of price or condition.


WARNING SIGN #2:  If buyers are being shown your home with no results, the buyers are finding better properties to purchase. They are eliminating your home from consideration because it is not competitive in the marketplace.